Luis Ruan was born and raised in National City, California and studied Criminal Justice, at California State University Long Beach. He worked for the Orange County Probation Department as a Deputy Probation Counselor inside Juvenile Correction facilities for ten years. Luis provided motivation, awareness and resources to help youth transition out to the community.

In 1990, Luis Ruan founded and directed the Beyond Limits Program, a non-profit agency that works with inner city youth to promote cultural awareness, cultural pride, self-esteem and a positive future. Youth participants received motivation to stay in school, stay drug-free and stay out of gangs. Beyond Limits provided volunteer staff to take youth on outdoor excursions in order to get them out of their inner city environment and expose them to the great outdoors. The program continues today to serve the needs of high-risk youth.

Since the late 90’s, Luis has concentrated his efforts on First Nation and Indigenous cultures to create programs for high-risk youth. He has trained communities, educators, law enforcement, counselors and others to work with gang-involved youth. Luis has traveled from coast to coast, as well as parts of Canada, as a consultant.

His book, Journey to the Mountain Within, captures Luis Ruan’s experience and philosophy.


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  1. Hey Mr. Ryan my name is Nicolas Rios. I’m really trying to get some elightenment from you on some of your work. Can you look at my YouTube channel to see if you can see what I’m trying to do for our community.


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