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Available Workshops

Seven Eyes Training

Audience: Adults

A three month coaching workshop for adults that focus’s on harmony and balance as a foundation to addressing issues that keep us stagnant. It’s a workshop that includes activities, self-reflection, and journal writing activities.

  • You will learn tools to move back to harmony and balance.
  • Learn about what takes us off balance.
  • Techniques to calm the central nervous system.
  • Provide options to deal with emotional triggers.
  • A plan to move towards desired goals.
  • Taking the journey of healing and transformation.

Engaging Troubled Youth

Audience: Adults who work with youth and parent groups.

  • Utilizing language in redirecting conflict.
  • Connecting youth to the arts for self expression.
  • Understanding the impact of trauma on youth.
  • Importance of mentors.
  • Understanding the juvenile justice system.
  • Using reflection in initiating positive transformation.
  • Importance of culture in developing a strong self concept.
  • Developing programs based environment and resources.
  • Approach towards high risk youth (developing trust, rapport, and motivation).
  • Comprehensive approach.
  • Redirection counseling (verbal skills in dealing with volatile situations).  
  • Current trends with at risk youth.  
  • My experiences in program development (music, art, backpacking excursions etc.).

Youth Empowerment  

Audience: Students 12-19 years of age. Can be re-designed and simplified for elementary school children.

  • Importance of being a person of your word.
  • Communication styles: passive, assertive, and aggressive.
  • Positive outlets for expressing anger.
  • Ramifications and understanding of the juvenile justice system.
  • Connecting with culture.
  • Creating healthy challenges for self development.
  • Importance of a role model/mentor.
  • Discussion on future planning/goals.
  • Learning about gifts and challenges.

Youth Leadership Writing Workshop

Audience: Designed for youth 14 -21 years of age.

  • Shakespeare and Hip hop.
  • Creating an environment of support.
  • Using writing to express unresolved emotions.
  • Understanding the power of writing.
  • Metaphors and similes.
  • Understanding the work of well-know writers.
  • Imagery and story development.
  • The power of self-editing.
  • Assisting youth to write one piece to be read as a group or in a community event.

How to Develop a Youth Outdoor Program

Audience: Adults and youth workers

  • Preparing adults and volunteers
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Necessary backpacking equipment
  • Essentials in training adults in backpacking
  • Necessary physical training
  • Guidelines for all participants to create a safe excursion
  • Activities on the trail.
  • How to avoid behavioral problems
  • Diffusing behavioral problems during excursion.

Four Day Community Mobilization Training

The premise behind this training is the understanding that a motivated and focused community has the ability to redirect youth violence. Youth violence/gang violence is not just a law enforcement issue, but a community issue. The community has the ability to instill long term results with a committed and unifying approach. It is imperative to do this work with dignity and respect towards our young people. The purpose of this training is to motivate people to become agents of change and to create environments of healing.

Keynote Speaker 

Empowerment speech for middle school, high school students, community events, and conferences.


3 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hi Luis,
    It has been approximately a year since we last chatted. We met in Edmonton Alberta when you did a presentation to our Board – Alberta Restorative Justice Association (ARJA). You were in Alberta working with Maskwacis, regarding their gang problems. I am wondering three things:
    1. Are you still coming up to Maskwacis or western Canada to do any consulting?
    2. Would you be OK if I shared your contact information with some local resources who are looking to respond to gang issues?
    3. Lastly I have lost your phone and email and would like you to provide them to me so I can share your contact information!

    Best Regards,

    Dianna Bennett


    • Hi Dianna,
      Hope you are well. It’s been awhile. Yes, feel free to send out my information to your colleagues. I was in Maskwacis earlier this year. I would love to return before it gets too cold. If there is an interest for my trainings I could make a trip. My email is: and my cell is 619 513 9671. Thanks for your interest!


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